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An Explanation of the Classification of iron cans
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Can: Made for the sale of food or drink and sealed for a metal container.

Three-piece can: Three-piece cans: metal containers connected by three main parts of the can lid, the can body and the bottom of the tank.

Two-piece cans: A metal container consisting of two main parts of the bottom of the can and the can lid, with shallow cans, deep cans and thinned cans.

Round can: A metal can with a rounded cross section. The tank diameter is smaller than the height of the tank called the vertical round tank, the tank diameter is greater than the tank height is called the flat tank. (Any end of the cans).

Necked-in cans: One or both ends of the cans with reduced cross-section can be used with smaller cans or tanks, divided into necks and cones.

Combination cans: Cans, cans & cans with different kinds of materials composition tank.

Plain tinplate can: A metal can made of a tin-free steel sheet with no paint on the inner wall of the tank.

Lacquered tinplate can: A metal can made of tin-plated steel sheet with a coating on the inside of the tank.

Resistance welding can: Trough seam at the steel plate overlap with each other, with resistance welding machine welded three cans.