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Lron Cans Manufacturing process
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1, The tin cans are made by the tinplate after printing, and can be classified according to different standards: according to the shape: can be divided into round cans, rectangular cans, square cans, oval cans, heart-shaped cans, tank. According to the structure: can be divided into two cans, three cans.

According to the use of points: tea cans, moon cakes, medicine cans, candy cans, food cans, gift cans, candle cans, hand cans, piggyons, iron, PVC / PET barrels!

2, Each tin is made of iron - printing - cutting - stamping - assembly - packaging - step by step to complete.

1) Lron material: generally in the confirmation order will be ordered by the layout of the most suitable iron material, including iron varieties, size, etc., iron material is usually stored directly in the printing plant, on the identification of iron material quality, can usually Visual inspection method to see if there is a trace of the surface marks, lines are uniform, whether there is a rust point, etc., with a micrometer can measure the thickness of the hand can feel it hardness.

2) Printing: film and layouts are given to the printing plant after the printing equipment to arrange for printing, and usually will provide a model to the printing press with color, in the printing process to pay attention to is to see whether the printing color to keep up with the model, Whether the set is accurate, whether there is a stain, whether there are scars and so on. These problems are generally responsible for the printing plant can control their own.

3) Cutting: printed iron material back to the factory after the cut can cut the material cut, and cut in the cut mattress is to see whether the operator of the knife to cut the line, the length is uniform, uniform. Whether the workers in the discharge of each other scratches, etc., in the initial operation of the station to check the quality.

4) Stamping: both in the punch on the iron piece to form, this is the main job to do the jar, usually a tank to be a lot of steps to complete. The general process of the two cans is: cover: open material - flash - coil. Bottom: open material - flash - pre-winding - reel.

The process of covering the bottom of the floor (cover) cans: cover: open material - flash - roll can body: open material - pre-bend - cut angle - forming - buckle bone - Bottom) - back cover. Bottom of the process is: open material

If the can is with a hinge, then the cover and body on a more than one process: hinge.

In the stamping process is usually the biggest loss of the product, pay attention to whether the work is standardized, whether the surface of the product scratched, whether the batch is approved batch, buckle bone bit fastening. The usual practice is to produce large goods before the production of large goods to confirm, and according to the confirmation of the large sample production, which can reduce a lot of trouble.

5) Packing: After the production is finished, the packing department is responsible for cleaning and assembling, into the bag and packing. This part of the product is a finishing work, the product is very important to clean, so work before the packaging to do a good job cleaning, and then in accordance with the packaging method of packaging, style and more products must be the number and box mark on the good and paragraph pendulum put. Packaging process should pay attention to is to minimize the infusion into the finished product, the number of boxes must be accurate.

6) Each of the above processes can affect the quality of products, so give attention, according to the sample production, according to regulations, mutual supervision to produce good quality.